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  • To view Student rates, click the tabs above.
    Weight Rate
    1/2 lb. EC$20.00
    1 lb. EC$24.00
    2 lbs. EC$26.00
    3 lbs. EC$28.50
    4 lbs. EC$38.00
    5 lbs. EC$44.00
    Weight Rate
    6 lbs. EC$52.00
    7 lbs. EC$60.00
    8 lbs. EC$68.00
    9 lbs. EC$78.00
    10 lbs. EC$86.00
    Weight Rate
    11 lbs. EC$95.00
    12 lbs. EC$104.00
    13 lbs. EC$112.00
    14 lbs. EC$121.00
    15 lbs. EC$131.00
    16 to 99lbs. EC$8.15 per lb
    • Shipments exceeding 100lbs are billed at EC$7.65 per lb for each pound above 100.
    • A Brokerage Fee of EC$5.50 is applicable on all shipments.
    • 10% Fuel Surcharge is also applicable to all packages.What is fuel surcharge?
    • Personal Accounts are not subject to monthly minimum fees. Simply ship what you want, whenever you want!
  • To view Standard rates, click the tabs above.
    Special Offer - SGU Students Only pay EC$9.50 per lb!